Privacy Policy

All company information provided to Global Traffic Management will be used for the primary purpose of employment of the individual.

All information is collected with your consent. This includes personal information, details of work history, answers to questions and comments, details and comments of supplied referees. Details and comments provided "in confidence" by a supplied referee will not be disclosed to any party or available through any request for information.

No information will be disclosed to a third party with the exception of:

  • Confirmation of bank account details
  • Relevant licences, certificates or skills assessments that is a requirement of the workplace or site where the individual may work
  • Any detail relating to previous employment history, assessments or relevant information for the employment or assessment of suitability for employment by a confirmed third party.

Information will be stored in a secure password protected computer database. Consultants, payroll personnel and, managers access the system. It is also accessed from time to time by secure maintenance personnel. The information is regularly updated to ensure accuracy of information and individual work history.

If, after supplying all relevant information to Global Traffic Management, employment is not forthcoming or employment ceases, all paperwork will be shredded after the maximum statutory requirement. Information stored within the database will be archived (providing additional security).